Lat 25 42.415 N Lon 080 04.806 W A 147-feet Luxury Yacht sank in 200 fsw of water off Biscayne Bay on December 27 1927. It sunk in the 1926 hurricane, laid for about a year on Miami Harbor, and was raised and towed to open seas where it laid now.

The Esmeralda was originally built in 1897 as te Hiawatha in Morris Heights, NY shipyards with 219 ton steel hull with 147' long and 21' beam with a 1000 horsepower gas engine.

The Hiawatha was one of the fastest and more attractive yachts on his times along the east coast and plied the Great Lakes as a pleasure yacht until the early 1920s. In 1924, it was purchased by Thomas J. Peters of Miami, who brought it home and renamed it Esmeralda.

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